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For nearly two decades DeRosa Communications provided b2b lead generation and b2b executive level appointment setting services to SMB and F500 companies specializing in technology, financial services and marketing. This was all accomplished with a virtual staff of veteran business professionals who knew how to set qualified appointments with vp and c-level executives. This site is being built to tell their story and the incredible and amazing story of how the company came about — what inspired its direction toward b2b appointment setting — and how it sustained, persevered, and thrived from the early 90s through y2k, the dot com bust, 911, offshore outsourcing, 2 wars and global financial meltdown, all with a crazed maniac at the helm. This incredible story will make you weep, roll over with laughter and cringe in horror. Okay. Okay. Maybe you’ll at least smirk and shake your head. It will take you from the back room of a retail waterbed store in the early 70s, before the internet and mobile devices. Back when terms like like long-distance, pay phones, wats lines, and free phone number information were commonplace. During a time when we could only dream that someday we would have communicators like the crew of the starship enterprise. There’s romance, mystery, death and buried treasure. From wholesaling waterbeds over the phone nationwide to leasing multi million dollar mainframes to setting appointments with captains of industry during the burgeoning computer and internet revolution era. The company helped pioneer the virtual call center from the early days of the internet to today’s commonplace cloud services. And while you’re waiting for this incredible story to unfold, you can still avail yourself of high quality appointment setting services from S-Squared Solution, the beneficiary of DeRosa Communications. The same commitment to providing quality service while delivering what they promise — well qualified appointments with executive level decision makers.